Every parent of any toddler I have ever spoken to, when broaching the topic of tantrums, has uttered the words ‘I didn’t think we’d be at this point yet’. Time flies but they also hit a lot sooner than you’d think. The old adage ‘the terrible twos’ is extremely misleading. So in case you are as grossly ill prepared as I was, here are a few books, articles and resources (including a free webinar) that I have found extremely useful in shaping a gentle and peaceful approach to toddler tantrums


+ No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline without Shame by Janet Lansbury (Book/Audiobook)

+ Tantrums and Meltdowns – My Secret To Staying Calm by Janet Lansbury (article)

+ The Healing Power of Tantrums by Janet Lansbury (article)

+ Why we need to be more tolerant of toddler tantrums by Sarah Ockwell-Smith (article)

Handling Tantrums with Dr Laura Markham by The Parenting Junkie (video)

+ Peaceful Tantrums by The Parenting Junkie (Free Webinar)

+ The Peacheful Home IV: Coping with Tantrums by Eloise at Frida Be Mighty (article)

+ Temper Tantrums by Regarding Baby

Posted by:Tonicathryn

Hi, I’m Toni, Mother to Althea and former Under 3’s Early Years Educator. Originally from the UK I now live in Singapore. I created this little corner of the internet in order to document and share my passion for Early Childhood Education in the home and a gentle approach to parenting. You can find posts here exploring a number of different educational and parenting philiosophies including Montessori, RIE, Reggio and Waldorf and how I incorporate aspects of these into our home for a child under 3.

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