Screen Time Studies Parents Should Know About – a little push for myself to find a few alternatives to some of the extra screen time that has snuck in recently

Let’s Stop Rushing Toddlers – because we’re all about exploring over here

How To Be A Plastic Free Parent – a great challenge that I will be taking part in this June, you can follow my progress over on instagram stories

Toddlers All Sleep Through The Night – Don’t They? – because I sense the 18 month sleep regression is on the horizon and feel I’m going to need all moral support I can get this time round

The Peaceful Home IV: Coping with Tantrums – because some days are just bloody hard, right?

Posted by:tonicathryn89

Welcome! I’m a first-time, stay-at-home Mum to Althea (born Jan 2017) and wife to Theo, a high school English Teacher and DR of American History. We moved from the UK to South East Asia 4 years ago and we now live in Singapore. My background is in Applied Child Psychology and Early Childhood Education. Prior to having Althea I was an Early Years Teacher specialising in the under three’s. And now I’m here, documenting this this little chapter of our lives at home together, doing things 'The Montessori Way'.

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