This is in no way a sponsored post. We have just really enjoyed using Audible!

I’m going to leave the whole screen time debate for another time, I’ll just say that I have found screens to be an avoidable part of our daily lives, especially living on the other side of the world from friends and family and zero screen time has been an unrealistic goal for us. But I’m all for minimising the amount of time we all spend in front of screen’s.

Originally, when I downloaded the Audible App, it didn’t cross my mind that it might also be useful for Althea at this stage. I have fond memories of listening to audiobooks on cassette when I was a child and following along with the book but I was much older. I found myself browsing their children’s section and spotted a few audio versions of books we already owned. We read a lot of books together throughout the day and we often have music playing in the background as an alternative to TV so I thought an audiobook might also be something we could put on at times when I’m tempted to resort to screen time.

We started out with a dramatised reading of Winnie the Pooh: Pooh Goes Visiting and listened to it during her morning feed, at bath time and through a number of fractious taxi journeys. I then downloaded a few audiobooks that we already had a hard copy of so we could follow along. This week we started listening to a collection of Eric Carle stories during breakfast and whilst I clear up and she plays with her toys. Although audiobooks cannot replace the benefit of reading together they can still contribute to creating a language rich environment for your little one.

With an Audible account you get 1 credit a month to spend on a book of your choice, usually I’ll use this on a book for myself and just download the children’s books as we go as they tend to be more affordable. I’m looking forward to downloading a few themed audiobooks for the festive season, here are a few of the titles on our wish list

I would love to hear whether you have tried Audible in place of screen time and what you have been listening to with your little ones.

Posted by:tonicathryn89

Welcome! I’m a first-time, stay-at-home Mum to Althea (born Jan 2017) and wife to Theo, a high school English Teacher and DR of American History. We moved from the UK to South East Asia 4 years ago and we now live in Singapore. My background is in Applied Child Psychology and Early Childhood Education. Prior to having Althea I was an Early Years Teacher specialising in the under three’s. And now I’m here, documenting this this little chapter of our lives at home together, doing things 'The Montessori Way'.

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